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How I became the corporate man. [ENG]
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Financial intelligence is subject which I first heard of at age of 17, when I started promptly to develop new skills. Person who introduced it to me by his books was Robert Kiyosaki, who have had big impact on my life. After I have reached maturity, it was natural for me to start my path as entrepreneur. The only thing that I was thinking about those days was Foreign Exchange which became almost an obsession. It was clear to me that I would build on that whole business named Trader Team.

That company I mentioned is still on the market and its offer is still connected with Forex. Courses, software, data and e-books – all about that one fascinating subject. It took many years to make the name for myself and company in that small online community of circa 40 000 people. Thousands of hours spent on mastering lessons from hundreds of books, courses, conversations with professionals or even video materials. It has been 9 years now and I can finally call myself an expert.

That title is really official, since I work as forex expert/currency dealer/ treasury sales officer in wealth management division of global bank that is top player there. You may think how is it possible, that CEO of small company that succeed in one subject, could go to the corporation and try his luck there. It is really easy – there are not as many options for someone who specialize in currencies when you do not have bank’s resources for your own use. I may show people how to trade and even do it by myself (what is still my main activity every day that I am really good at), but there will always be problem with the license to work as real money manager and starting from zero as teenager takes some time to reach the top.

There is one other episode based on the fact that I was one of the youngest investment agents in Poland who passed the AFI exam and got approved by Polish Financial Supervision Authority. I even started to represent forex brokers from abroad, but  every time I thought it will be the new opportunity to change things – there were ceiling which stopped me to go further with expanding the front office for someone else. Finance is the business that goes with high volumes and this is why you need to make big networking job first, before you would be able to mean something.

Specialization, wide experience, soft skills and languages – those are basics that you need to have, before you try in corporation. People haven’t invited anything more effective than corporation, especially when you think about bank. Working with so many high educated, ambitious and focused on target people, show me that environment that I am working in now is the place where I can become better in what I do.

Corporation give you opportunities, but when all you do is working and after coming home it is over for that day – then it probably will be nothing more for you in the future. It is possible to master entrepreneurship even in small nonprofit projects. Working in corporation is usually the time where you focus on getting professional experience, that can’t be taught anywhere else. You may gather so many skills after you come home when 8th hour is over and please be sure that every day you would be closer to your goal.

I am not sure how it will look in the future for me, but I am 100% positive that I am getting better all the time. One day I will have set of skills which will be the mix of self-development, entrepreneurship and corporate experience. I am almost sure that it will be the huge advantage in the environment that I will continue to work in . I am still devoted to the Kiyosaki’s lessons, but every time I think that corporate road is something that I should fear of – it comes to me that there were one book of his authorship with title “Before you quit your job”. When I think about that lessons, it is clear to me that I have so much to do in corporate world before I think about anything else.

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